String Curtains

String curtains have always looked good, and will continue to look good always. They are good for any sort of gathering or decor, be it doors, windows, dividers, or backdrop for events and parties.  There are many types of string curtains and various customization are possible to suit every needs. Here are some of the points to help you decide on the string curtains. R7V8PA42RSUV

100% Viscose String Curtains

There are two types of string curtains used most commonly – 1.Viscose, and 2.Polyester. The advantages of viscose string curtain make them a better choice. 1st and most important thing to remember is that viscose is BIODEGRADABE that means viscose is ECO-Friendly and Polyester is NOT.  Viscose yarn has a more sheen, and looks and feel exactly like silk. Viscose provides rich, plush and luxurious feel to your decor. So the choice is clear, viscose provides more luxurious feel, has a better sheen and feels like silk, and it is ECO Friendly. Luxeron manufactures and wholesale premium quality viscose yarn string curtains in more than 30 colors.

color chart

string curtains color chart by Baana LLC, NV

Over 30 Colors in Viscose:

Luxeron offers more than 30 colors in viscose string curtains, through their wholesale only website for business Ultimadecor . We have included all the colors mostly used for home, events, wedding and outdoor décor like 2 shades of gray, light and charcoal gray, turquoise, greens, pinks, shades of purples. Other than the shades in our color chart we also offer custom color required by clients, at no extra charge.

Metallic Yarn string Curtains

We at Luxeron have come out with a beautiful sparkle collection of string curtains made in Metallic yarn twisted with viscose yarn. The mix of both the yarns gives a subtle twinkle, glitter to the string curtains, somewhat like iridescent glitter. The colors available are Silver White, Silver Gray, Gold, Gold Black and can be made in all and custom sizes.

Fire Retardant Finish String Curtains

One of the most important aspect of string curtains are the flammability of viscose and polyester yarns, We do not recommend buying string curtains without Fire retardant finish for events, party, wedding, restaurant or home decoration. We at Luxeron, provide Fire Retardant finish to string curtains at a small charge, worth every single penny. Fire Retardant finish on the string curtains remains good for 2-3 quick washes, after that they have to be reprocessed for fire retardant finish.

18 Strings / 15 strings per inch

One of the most important factor in the prices of string curtain is the number of strings used per inch to make the string curtains. Normally 18 strings per inch weaving is considered as the best and durable, it provides a better luxurious look. 15 strings per inch weaving is cheaper than the 18 strings, however it provides nearly same look and feel. 15 strings per inch are normally made on order as per specifications.